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TOCA Ratings has drawn on all of its key services areas such as accounting, legal, corporate services, corporate finance and consulting to establish a multi-disciplinary team of specialists focused on offering full range of corporate governance ("CG") rating services to enterprises of different sizes in Hong Kong, China and the wider region.
   TOCAR  Other Rating
 Company Secretarial  Qualifications  Yes
 No, usually  financial analyst
 Practical Experience  Comprehensive  Rating Only
 Commercial Experience  Substantial  Limited
 Red Chip Experience  Yes  Rating only
 H-Share Experience  Yes  Rating only
 China Concept Experience  Yes  No
 Composite Index Stock Experience  Yes  Rating only
 SME Experience  Yes  No
 Reputation and Contribution in CG  field  Yes  No
The professionalism of the team members of TOCAR is much stronger than that of its competitors in many aspects. Most staff members of rating agencies are analysts only while TOCAR's team consists of qualified company secretary with the professional designations such as fellow (FCIS) or associate (ACIS) of the Institute Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and fellow (FCS) or associate (ACS) of the Hong Kong Institute of Company Secretaries, they are recognized professions in U.K. and Hong Kong with the focus on board procedures, company law, listing rules and corporate administration. Some of them are qualified accountants or lawyers in China, Hong Kong, United States of America and United Kingdom.
TOCAR's team members possessed working substantial experience gained from working for companies of various size and disciplines in both Hong Kong and China including many famous corporations while staff members of other rating agencies generally have relatively few commercial experience. This enables TOCAR's team to have an in-depth understanding of the practical aspect of CG and can answer why other rating agencies limit their services to diagnosis while TOCAR can take one step further to provide the full solutions.
   TOCAR  Other Rating Agents
 Nature of Rating  Organization  Separate Company  Most were done by the  same team. Only one is  conducted by a  separate unit
Unlike other rating agencies, TOCAR is an independent company with an independent board and advisory committee to run the CG business solely. Other rating agencies perform CG rating as part of their credit rating program or by the same team, in both cases, the CG rating team is in fact under the control of the same management of the credit rating company and may result in conflicts of interest. For instance, is it possible for a high score in CG while low in credit score if both rating services are provided by the same rating company?
  TOCAR will build up its own benchmarking, market studies and other ground work which serves as a set of criteria covering principal areas for proven effectively analyzing and quantifying CG:  
 TOCAR  Other Rating
 CG Score Services  Yes  Yes
 Analysis Services  Yes  Yes
 Consultation Services  Yes  No
 Execution Services  Yes  No
 Report in English  Yes  Yes
 Report in Simplified Chinese  Yes  No
 Report in Traditional Chinese  Yes  No
  TOCAR is committed to offer CG solution instead of diagnosis only as offered by other rating agencies. CG Score service awards score to client without giving any analysis or explanation while analysis will give observation to client without giving any score. Client may, at its own discretion, hire TOCAR for scoring service or analysis service or both.  
  For consultation services, TOCAR will give advice to the client how to improve its CG practice.  
  For execution, TOCAR provides the services such as drafting relevant minutes, resolution, manual, articles, charter etc. via its affiliate.  
  As a tailor made service, client can choose its reports presented in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese or English.  
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